Elkhart 2040 Plan

Review the City-approved phase two Elkhart 2040 Diversification Plan to be executed through March 2020 to focus on expanding public-private partnerships and prioritize new projects for industry diversification, talent development and real estate and infrastructure development.

Elkhart's Economic Condition Preview

This recent study highlight's Elkhart's need to diversify its economy with new industry and workforce development. 

Elkhart Diversification Study

Learn about the study underway to discover how Elkhart can better diversify our economy.

Elkhart River District Master Plan

Review the Elkhart River District Master Plan that will be implemented in three phases over ten years to create an urban, walkable residential community in downtown Elkhart. 

Residential Market Potential Study

Understand the residential market potential for housing in the City of Elkhart for the next five years. 

Economic Impact of Tourism

Learn how Elkhart is impacted by the tourism industry and which sectors.

MLS Statistics

2017 to 2016 Monthly MLS statistics and unemployment, May 2017