Final plan unveiled for Elkhart Central Plaza project

ELKHART, Ind. (WNDU) - In Elkhart, there was another step forward in the process to improve the city's Central Plaza.

“Elkhart needs a centralized gathering space that is designed not just to host major events, which you have many major events that happen downtown, but should be activated and vibrant,” developer Kevin Osburn said.

Tuesday night, members of the Elkhart community got another look at plans for a downtown revitalization.

The project focuses on Elkhart's Civic Plaza and Central Park.

“It's about construction jobs,” Mayor Tim Neese said. “It's about full-time retail jobs. It's about housing. It’s also about making our events better.”

Developers unveiled their final plans after numerous public meetings.

“This is a project of great public significance, and we feel that the public needs to be involved and helping to develop the vision and the plan for these spaces,” Osburn said.

The renovated plaza would feature a permanent stage, public restrooms, expanded green space and additional parking.

The developers are trying to answer one question.

“How do we create a single gathering space that helps to activate and create and build on the vibrancy of the investments that are happening throughout downtown now?” Osburn said.

The plans still need to be approved by city council and a budget needs to be ironed out.

For Neese, it's about always moving forward.

“It’s not being satisfied with what you've accomplished but always wanting to look to the future and be better,” Neese said.

The new plaza is just one of the many projects helping to continue Elkhart's growth.

“This is an example of what this city has to look forward to,” Neese said.

Developers expect the entire project, from planning to construction, to take two to three years.

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Shelley Moore