WHAT IF? each neighborhood defines quality of place

Each day, each department within The City of Elkhart gets feedback, questions and complaints regarding quality of place issues that translate to each neighborhood’s success. Each neighborhood is unique and has specific characteristics that defines its personality. A City is like a family — each neighborhood represents a brother or sister to another — each is very different defining its own way to survive and succeed.

Currently, there is a focus on the downtown neighborhood. Research shows that a City is only as good as the strength of its downtown. From there, quality of life and neighborhood development expands — each expressing its own unique characteristics and personality. If you live in Elkhart, what is the personality of your neighborhood?

  • Can you describe the unique traits of your neighborhood’s personality?

  • What innovations and new projects should be executed to provide quality of place for your neighbors and their needs?

  • How many different ways can quality of place be expressed in your neighborhood? Cleanliness, safety, care for elders, after school support for kids, nearby schools and jobs, child care, transportation, fun and recreation, access to shops and retail, or access to church and spiritual engagement?

  • If you had to brand your neighborhood, how would you represent, what would be its name and logo?


Your neighborhood can have a plan for growth and development that gets presented to the community for funding and social support.


The River District

The River District is a 105-acre public-private development that merges an urban vision with economic energy to expand Elkhart's downtown. This urban, walkable, residential community is expected to bring 1,000 rent units and match the trends of other thriving urban environments. Its goal is to make Main Street’s surrounding neighborhoods vibrant once again. 

Investment: Estimated total $300 million | Current active investments over $170 million