WHAT IF? We can do new ideas faster

Elkhart has a history of entrepreneurship. In recent years, our nearly sole industry base of RVs has stagnated both in 1) new entrepreneurial inventions and 2) diversification to grow in other industries fast enough to keep 17 of our top 18 industry sectors from being related to RVs.

Not the first time by far… that we have been dependent on primarily one industry. Entrepreneurship is in our DNA and it will be what diversifies our economy. It can come from anywhere throughout our city. Here are some ways which you can think about implementing and gaining fast social and financial support to grow and diversify entrepreneurialism throughout Elkhart. Don’t limit yourself to these ideas!

  • What have you always done exceptionally well, yet never commercialized?

  • What problems need to be solved in your neighborhood or inner circle that are not being solved? What is the solution?

  • What underutilized working ideas or businesses need to expand?

  • What social, technological or environmental impact solution will lead to return for you, your community, and your constituents?


The City of Elkhart and local service organizations can provide you with the resources to see your ideas to a plan that can get funding.

Grants & Programs


The Little Big Idea Grant

Elkhart County’s Vibrant Communities offers Elkhart entrepreneurs this fun grant opportunity. They know Elkhart is loaded with creative, smart, fun and even quirky people who love this place! So whether you are 8 or 88, Vibrant Communities challenges you to bring them ideas which delight, inspire, and connect people to our community…  because frankly we are a hotbed of awesomeness and they want to show it! $1,000 monthly grants! Psst… they award multiple grants each month.