Progressive, fast-growing entrepreneurial businesses and established organizations will know they can attract and retain skilled talent because the City of Elkhart, Indiana is striving to deliver amenities for today’s high-demand lifestyles – affordability, infrastructure, diverse housing options, inclusion and a vast array of cultural attractions to accompany desirable career paths offering choice, challenge and competitive compensation.

While historically a strong industry base for the state of Indiana and the region — like many smaller, Midwest cities, Elkhart has cyclically been concentrated in singular industries, making us susceptible to economic shocks, technological disruptions, and workforce shortages.

Today, our collective leadership is motivated to execute economic diversification, provide programs to address workforce, neighborhood and quality of life issues, and invest in aging real estate and infrastructure needed to ensure Elkhart’s resiliency.

As a result of this effort, access to talented employees and diversified customers, suppliers and markets will be enjoyed by businesses in Elkhart’s centrally-located industrial and historically highly entrepreneurial economy. We will offer more sectors focused on particular strategic advantages such as manufacturing, transportation, supply chain management and distribution, the arts, health services, and nonprofit management.


Making Motion
Moving People

For the next 20 years, as Elkhart's public and private leadership, we are focused on Making Motion and Moving People to achieve specific growth goals and develop the quality of place, economic engine, and infrastructure required to be an unassailable force in Indiana.


Since the late 1800’s, Elkhart’s industrial history has been primarily built on making things that move…

Manufactured homes, RVs, boats, motorcycles, rail transport, water equipment, sound instruments, and supply chain management.

Located in the heart of the U.S.A. our centralized and expansive highway and rail systems are among the most traveled in the country. Our waterways have served as sources of power and recreation for the region. 

We plan to further expand our “motion economy“…

by spreading our entrepreneurial roots to launch motion innovations in wellness, fitness, information technology, advanced manufacturing and logistics, hospitality and other transferable and mid-skilled industries that will improve quality of life.

We will move people …

by intentionally designing and building the places where people want to live. This includes urban, walkable, downtown neighborhoods surrounded by inclusive cultural experiences and amenities that are a destination for urban-dwellers seeking diversity and grit.

We will build smart infrastructure that will attract and grow an engaged, skilled workforce including public transportation, diversified housing, inspiring educational opportunities, and family support systems.

We will celebrate our natural resources of rivers, trails, gardens and parks that will support community pride, music, art, health, wellness, recreation, and beauty.