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For the next 20 years, as Elkhart's public and private leadership, we are focused on Making Motion and Moving People to achieve specific growth goals and develop the quality of place, economic engine, and infrastructure required to be an unassailable force in Indiana.

Our Time Is Now!



Fast-growing entrepreneurial businesses and established organizations will know they can attract and retain skilled talent because the City of Elkhart, Indiana is striving to deliver amenities for today’s high-demand lifestyles – affordability, infrastructure, diverse housing options, and a vast array of cultural attractions to accompany desirable career paths offering choice, challenge and competitive compensation.

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Our collective leadership is motivated to execute economic diversification, provide programs to address workforce and quality of life issues, and invest in aging real estate and infrastructure needed to ensure Elkhart’s resiliency.

As a result of this effort, access to talented employees and diversified customers, suppliers and markets will be enjoyed by businesses in Elkhart’s centrally located industrial, historical and highly entrepreneurial economy. We will offer more sectors focusing on particular strategic advantages such as manufacturing, transportation, supply chain management and distribution, the arts, health services, and nonprofit management.



Million dollars invested

The River District has been the catalyst for local investors to be excited about building a strong Downtown — which is a requirement for city-wide transformation. Our research of other successful city transformations proves that strong downtowns lead to the expansion and development of surrounding neighborhoods.



Community projects

It doesn’t stop there! We have achieved approval for three Opportunity Zones comprising of potentially more than 24 expansion projects or all sizes. If completed, they will transform the City by giving investors both financial and community impact reasons to be in Elkhart.



Percent fiscal impact

So far, our current growth projects are estimated to achieve over 800% fiscal impact for the City through the redevelopment of distressed, underutilized real estate within the City Center. This City revenue is necessary to offset increasing taxes for future maintenance and expansion of community assets.

Current projects

Our initial signature projects are only the beginning for citywide growth. Great cities are as strong as their downtowns — and ultimately all the inclusive and innovative solutions that surround. These projects represent the seeds that will spread growth through building our resilience, credibility and investment interest with diverse businesses and quality of life investors of all types, who understand our commitment to revitalizing Elkhart.


Elkhart River District

This district is expected to surge an urban vision with economic energy into expanding Elkhart's downtown to match the trends of other thriving urban environments -- and to make Main Street’s surrounding neighborhoods vibrant once again. 

Stonewater at the Riverwalk

Stonewater at The Riverwalk consists of 200 luxury market rate apartments, five townhomes, and over 7,000 square feet of retail. Comprised of studios, one and two bedroom apartment homes, the project boasts the finest amenities in the Elkhart market. The development, at 237,337 square feet, is on the site of the former Elkhart Foundry.


Elkhart Health & Aquatics

This 170,000 square foot facility, owned by the Community Foundation of Elkhart County and Beacon Health System, offers a world-class aquatics competition center, Beacon Health and Fitness, and the Commons community gathering space. 


River Point West

River Point West by Great Lakes Capital begins construction June 2019 and will consist of a new 42,000 square foot Martin’s Super Markets store, 6,000 square feet of additional ground floor retail, and 172 apartments along the river.

Hotel Elkhart

The Hotel Elkhart was built in 1923 and was once known as "Northern Indiana's Finest Hotel." It later served as an apartment building. The renovation project will return the building into a 93-room boutique hotel with a regionally-branded cafe, taproom/bar, and a breakout meeting space. The Athenian Ballroom on the 9th floor will also be completely renovated with a rooftop deck.


LEX 530

Bathed in light, LEX 530 is a new, urban event center in the newly revitalized River District on the east bank of the Elkhart River in downtown Elkhart. The bright, eclectic center, has an modern vibe and can accommodate up to 250 people for corporate events, not-for-profit galas, weddings, bridal and baby showers, or private parties are all perfectly suited for LEX 530.


Get engaged

“Without community there is no liberation.” ~ Audre Lorde

The products of our community’s work is only as profound as the active and productive efforts of our citizens. While change usually starts with a small team, an inclusive movement sustains with a force of many that transforms and revitalizes deeper beneath the surface. We need you to engage!


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August 2018

"Elkhart's a place that's known for its entrepreneurial spirit… its spirit of getting things done. luckily the stars aligned where a group was able to get together and the city was in a place where it was financially strong enough to invest $30 million in public infrastructure for the River District. It can’t stop there. We're here to do something transformational."
~david Weaver - investor, Entrepreneur

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